Masai Mara Musings

The Masai Mara on my Mind “If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa.” John Hemingway It has been a busy few months with travel that started with Kenya’s Masai Mara this […]

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Safari Silhouettes

“Here I am, where I ought to be.” Karen Blixen, Out of Africa Capturing Iconic Safari Silhouettes African sunrises and sunsets are deeply emotional. This magical time of day awakens a deep-rooted desire for peace […]

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World Rhino Day 2016

A mountainous marvel of animal engineering, the rhinoceros is like no other. Leathery and lined, massive and muscled, his noble horn a cautionary prelude to a quiet, determined stare. The rhino is at once, a […]

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Jackson’s Chameleon: Love at First Sight

Jackson’s Chameleon: The Three Horned Chameleon When I travel to Africa and meet my guides for the first time, one of the first questions they ask is, What are you hoping to see?  Expecting to […]

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The Texture of Elephants: Living Landscapes in Nature

When I dream of Africa, I dream of elephants. Wrinkled and rough. Creased and crusted. These thundering giants with gentle eyes captivate and hold tight in our imaginations. Even if you have never seen one, your mind likely paints a picture of this unique and massive creature quite easily. And yet, if you have been lucky enough to get up close, you might be hard pressed to find the words to describe it…

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Hornbills Make Me Happy!

The Lion King’s Zazu was based-on the unusual red-billed hornbill-an African icon and a whole lot of fun to photograph!

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Ode to Hummingbird by Pablo Neruda

Ode to Hummingbird by Pablo Neruda

The hummingbird
in flight
is a water-spark,
an incandescent drip
of American
the jungle’s
flaming resume,
a heavenly,
the hummingbird is
an arc,
a golden
a green

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Big Cats of the Mara: Then and Now

Big Cats of the Mara Part Two: The Cheli & Peacock Pride In November 2014 I travelled to Kenya and spent 4 nights at Alex Walker’s Ngare Serian in the 30,000 hectare Mara North Conservancy. […]

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