Kenya Safari with NJ Wight

Join NJ Wight for a Kenya safari!

Photo courtesy of Bill Westbrook.

Wild! Adventure: A 10 Day Kenya Safari with Photographer NJ Wight

SOLD OUT: March 2-March 12, 2018:

Dates for March 2019 coming soon!

Join me for a fabulous small group, 10 night Kenya Safari! I have visited Africa eight times and spent over 150 nights across six countries–all of them remarkable. But there are very good reasons I have returned to Kenya five times in the past four years. To me, it is the Africa of my imagination. (Make sure to read Musings in the Mara for more.) Everything I imagined an African safari could be, I have found in Kenya. Wild and wide-open spaces, gorgeous light, big skies, a blanket of stars, friendly people and more wildlife than I have seen anywhere else. It is my happy place and I cannot wait to show it to you! We are going to have a Wild! time.

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Download the Wild! Kenya Trip Overview

Watch NJ Wight discuss her passion for Africa on Breakfast Television.


NJ Wight photographing elephants on a Kenya safari.

Just another day in the office.

Take a Ride in the Land Rover

Wondering what it is like to riding in a Land Rover out on safari? Well, it is hard to put into words, but occasionally I take my hand off my Canon 5D MIV and grab my iPhone to capture some shakey safari snippets. Join me for a compilation of moments in my happy place.


You too can fill your social media feed with safari selfies!

Safari selfie by NJ Wight

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Download the Wild! Kenya Trip Overview



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