Speaking Engagements

NJ Wight is an informative and captivating speaker with 25 years of experience at the crossroads of communications, digital technology, and entertainment. Whether speaking in the boardrooms of technology and media brands, in academic settings, or to special interest groups, NJ’s past lives as an educator, C-level executive, and one-time stand-up comic come together in a dynamic and engaging narrative. Her powerful wildlife imagery and engaging storytelling will have you thinking differently about communication, conservation, creativity and the curves balls of life.

If you have an event or a function you would like to charge with purpose–contact NJ Wight for more information.

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 Upcoming: The Breakfast Club: Montreal, August 24th, 2017

The Breakfast Club is a social and informative speaker series. It’s an opportunity to mix and mingle with fellow industry enthusiasts while gaining insight on hot topics. For more information: https://www.plankdesign.com/en/events/the-breakfast-club-10



Keynote Address: UP CLOSE: Living Wild! African Wildlife Through the Lens of NJ Wight at the 22nd annual Virtual Systems and Multimedia Conference.

NJ Wight keynote speaker

 Sunway University, Kuala Lampur

NJ Wight will be speaking to both the Art and Design and the Engineering and Computer Science students about her cross-discipline academic and professional journey.

NJ WIght speaks at Sunway University


Artist in Residence

Cat Canyon Ranch on the central California Coast.

NJ Wight is Artist in Residence at Cat Canyon Ranch


Featured Speaker


NJ Wight presentation

NJ Wight speaks at the Center for Creative Content and Digital Innovation, University of Malaya



NJ Wight speaks at Quest University in British Columbia

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